Three People Who Inspire Me

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So there’s a really tense moment in Supernatural.

Dean enters an orchard in which we previously saw people being brutally murdered by a creepy ass scarecrow.

Alone, he walks up to that same scarecrow. He looks it in the eyes, we know what it’s capable of and the sort of things it’s done. There’s tense music, Dean is in danger.

Then this happens

And that, ladies and gentlemen, pretty much sums up the entire show.

i cant believe this is a real show

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modern day rebels

This makes me happy

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The second gif…… UNF!!!!!!!!!!!!! U N F!!!!!!!! 

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Singer uses her music video to intriguingly show how fake performers are in videos

Hungarian musician Boggie sits still and sings for her latest music video… So what makes it interesting?

As she performs, her video editor retouches her skin, hair, facial features, and lighting during the song so that by the end everything looks “right”…

(This is actually really cool: Source)

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Q: You can’t stay apart can you?
David: Nope!
Catherine: We tried.

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"What makes a story work? Is it the plot? The characters? The text? The subtext? And who gives the story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? Tonight I thought I would tell you a little story, and let you decide.” - Supernatural Metatron

#no but I’m so happy robbie did this scene #it’s kind of nice to have a writer acknowledge that the subtext is important and that we have as much credit to a story as the writers do in interpretation of it #idk it’s just nice that he was basically telling us our readings on what happens in the show is valid #that a story is only what we make it (Via iniquitysoneoftheperks)

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Sam Winchester in Meta Fiction

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#did anybody else hear that #it was my heart shattering #again

Gabriel didn’t start acting like Gabriel until Castiel broke the script. He didn’t become physically expressive, he didn’t say things right, until he was left to his own devices. Wouldn’t that make this part genuine? I mean…Metatron can’t write Gabriel for shit.

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metatron’s opening is gorgeous he doesn’t deserve it

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#richard being metatron being gabriel calling himself hot #when really metatron thinks gabriel is hot hold me

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2x07//3x16 & 1x05//3x13


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